Monday, February 27, 2012

Is NoDiet.Com a Scam or Does it Work? A Review of Liquid Protein Diets

Make Sure to Read This Before Going Any Farther! It Is Important. is a diet product. Most diets will lead to frustrations and successes. You will see that I have some of those very same successes and failures. I was high on the progress I thought was being made and then it all went south. Please make sure to read the entire article before deciding to buy this product. You might find that you are wasting your money otherwise.

Is NoDiet.Com a Scam or Not?

I had heard dozens of commercials on the local radio for a product called The local DJ tells the listeners about how he lost inches and weight by taking a tablespoon of liquid protein just before he went to bed at night. He makes a point to say that he does not diet, does not exercise, and in fact, he does nothing but take a tablespoon of liquid protein.

This really interested me so I did a little bit of research on I am very cyncical towards these kinds of products so I never believe the testimonies that are on the products website. Instead I looked for real reviews from real people. What I found was surprising. Many people claimed it was a scam but a few did attribute it to the lost weight they had attained.

I read one person's review that said the program instructs the person who buys the product to stop eating 3 hours prior to going to bed and then take the liquid protein just before going to bed. That immediately raised red flags for me and I decided to set out to prove that the $42/month (It may have changed since then) you pay for the program is not needed to lose weight.

The FAQ on the website did say that you will not lose much weight at first but will lose inches and be able to drop a pant size in a short amount of time. It said you can lose 2 pant sizes in 2 months. I found it hard to believe that a tablespoon of protein prior to going to bed is what makes this possible. Instead, I believe it is the act of not eating anything 3 hours prior to going to bed.

I decided to stop eating at 6:30 PM and not take any liquid protein drops. All I did was change that part of my lifestyle. I weighed 222 lbs when I started this experiment. After 11 days I weighed 218 and I was able to pull my belt in one more loop. I did feel better and my blood pressure even dropped slightly.

I continued the experiment and kept to my resolution to stop eating at 6:30. I did nothing else as far as dieting goes. My weight was still 218 but my pants were definitely feeling looser. When I started this my belt was on the 3rd loop hole. I then had to wear it on the 4th loop hole and that seemed to be just a bit looser.

I continued for about 7 days more and I hit a definite plateau. My belt stayed on the 4th loop but it felt a little tighter. It was at this time I decided to start the NoDiet product.

No Diet Liquid Protein Experience

The first 3 days did not bring about any results but I can report on a couple of things I did not expect. First, my sleep has been very deep. It is interesting to me that another person I know who took the product remarked about this very thing. I did notice the pamphlet that came with the product said sleep would improve but I did not expect it so soon. I also noticed feeling much less bloated. I retain water and have to take diuretics and usually can feel that fluid build up on my shin but after the first 2 days that build up was gone. I hoped that was from the liquid protein.

5 Day Update

After 5 days I was still sleeping very deep and my belt was already one notch tighter. I still had no swelling from my fluid build up that normally plagues me. I pulled out a pair of jeans I bought about a month before that I could button. I put them on just to see if I was really seeing progress with the product. I could wear those jeans comfortably. At this point, I felt like it was working for me.

10 Day Update

After 10 Days my belt was still feeling looser. I was looking forward to going ahead and seeing if this product really would take me down 2 pants sizes. I was a 38 waist and probably could have wore 40 when I started. My 38 was loose and I was looking forward to going to 36 since I had not been in a 36 for many years.

My weight was not changing much but the literature said that is normal at first. I would take a looser jean and no weight change if the product worked but I knew that weight would come off if this worked.

17 Date Update

I had now been using for 17 days. I still had not eaten anything after 6:30 PM since before I started with the nodiet product. Remember, I tried just doing that without the product for 3 weeks and really saw no real progress. I had been using the product for just about a half month. According to the literature and advertising, it says that I should lose 2 pant sizes within 2 months. If I went by that logic, I should have lost about half a pant size by then.

I should have been wearing a size 40 pants but was fitting very tightly into my 38's when all of this started. I was now wearing my 38's very loosely and probably could go into a 36, but it would be very tight. I prefer the feeling of loose pants so I stuck with them until they would bunch up too much under my belt. My weight had not changed much but I felt better and I had more energy. I especially liked not having that bloated feeling anymore.

I did believe the jury was still out on the product because I thought the majority of the progress I had made was because of not snacking at night. I was notorious for eating at night I want to make sure you understand that I was absolutely not dieting either. I continued eating the same way I always had which was pretty moderate, but I would always snack like crazy during the evening and night hours.

Day 23 Update - Oh No!

My weight suddenly shot up and I felt just a bit tighter in my jeans. Was this the fault of I am not sure. The commercial says that I do not have to diet and all it takes is to use the product every night yet my good results just suddenly stopped. I will admit that I went a little crazy for a few days eating more than I should during the day so I expected weight gain, but nodiet did say I could eat what I want.

I figured I just had a let down on my eating and would have to regain my discipline and see if the no diet would continue working the way it was. I did like waking up with a lighter feeling and still have that feeling even though my weight went up a bit.

Just More Than a Month and Back on Track? - Not Really

I did get back on track but I was more conscious of not eating much during the day and I continued not eating after 6:30 PM. My belt was still loose but I really had made no more progress since the initial few days. I had not lost weight and was frustrated that I had not really made the progress the way the commercial said I would.

Two Months Ended and I Was Not Sold on

It had been 2 months and my pants size was exactly the same as it was when I began the nodiet product. I thought it was working but then it quit and finally, it even seemed to reverse itself. I was wearing the exact same pants I was wearing when I started but they were just a bit looser so I did make progress, just not as advertised.

So, does that mean nodiet is a scam? No, I do not think it is a scam. I know a few people who have had success with it so I cannot say it is a scam. All I can say is that it did not work for me.

In my opinion, Nodiet does not work and I do not think you should waste your money on it. Some people claim it works and I do not dispute their claims. I am merely saying that it did not work for me. I hope this review is helpful and would love to hear if you had success with it or if you do not think it works either.

I am not paid to endorse this. I am only reviewing the nodiet product to let you know what my results are. Please consult a doctor before trying this and make sure to research what you are buying before spending your hard earned money.